Allyson's Books

Korah's Butterfly

“Korah’s Butterfly” is the story of best friends Korah and Ally. They loved to spend their days laughing and playing at their favourite place. Ally spends much of her time teaching Korah about life and about ever after. One day Ally leaves Korah’s side and goes to heaven. As Korah sits on the dock missing Ally, a beautiful butterfly lands on her shoulder. Korah remembers all of the lessons Ally taught her and realizes this beautiful butterfly could be her.




Lessons from Behind the Glass

Whether you are about to lace up your child’s skates for the first time or you have a young teen who is coming close to the end of their Minor Hockey career, Lessons From Behind The Glass is the perfect companion to help you through your most crazy moments in the stands. From politics to perspective to passion, this book will help guide you to a balanced and less stressful life in the arena… and keep you laughing along the way!